Being a Good Citizen of BRC

Burning Man Culture

Being a Good Citizen of Black Rock City

Batten Down Your Camp

The wind in Black Rock City can whip up to high speeds exceeding 75 MPH in an instant, picking up everything that’s not secured and hurtling it miles down the playa or smack into your neighbor — sleeping bags, chairs, card tables, empty ice chests, tents, you name it. Yes, really. So keep objects (any light paper or plastic products, clothing, tarps, everything) secure from the wind at all times.

Never Let it Hit the Ground and Clean as You Go!

Try to position your tent and shade structures to present the smallest possible profile to the wind (prevailing south-southwest to northnortheast). Weight the interior corners of your tent; tent stakes that are 12-inches or longer are recommended. Lengths of rebar make excellent stakes, but all exposed ends must be capped (empty 1-liter plastic soda bottles will do the trick) or bent into a candy cane shape to prevent foot/leg injuries. Information on rebar and tips for its removal, is available in the Preparation section of the Burning Man website. Ropes or cables used to stabilize tents should be flagged, preferably with a white or reflective material. They can be hazardous at night.

Commerce & Concessions

The sale of products and services by participants is prohibited within our community. Bring what you need. The display of commercial logos and banners, or distribution of commercial promotional items or materials is prohibited. Sales of handmade items and food items “in order to cover costs of the trip” are not allowed. There is NO participant vending. Ask your neighbors if you need a specific item. Confront your own survival. This is not a consumer event. See this page for information on ice sales. Coffee drinks are sold at the Center Camp Café.

Dogs & Other Animals

Burning Man is a no dog event. If you show up with your dog at the Burning Man Gate, you will not be admitted to the event. This restriction is for the well-being and safety of participants and their four-legged friends. You are strongly discouraged from bringing any animal with you—Burning Man is a loud, tumultuous, and scary place for ANY animal, and you’d be subjecting them to frequent explosions that could spook them badly and cause them to bolt. For questions please contact dogsatburningmandotcom. For questions during the event, contact Playa Info in Center Camp.

Children, Families & You

Burning Man is a family friendly event, and kids are an important part of our thriving culture. We encourage everyone to know where the kids camp, named “Kidsville”, is located on the map. If you are not a family-friendly camp, please place yourself far away from it. If you are a family camp yourself, consider camping between 5:00 & 5:30. For more info, contact kidsatburningmandotcom. All parents are responsible for their children’s safety and well being at all times. Parents not behaving responsibly with regard to their children may be asked to leave the event. If a child goes missing or you encounter a lost child, alert a Black Rock Ranger immediately. If a child goes missing, the city is locked down until they are found. Always be respectful and aware of the presence of children in Black Rock City, and be considerate of their needs as valued members of our community.

Participation & Volunteering

boyscoutIf you want to broaden your participation in the event through volunteering, there are ample opportunities. Visit the V-Spot adjacent to Playa Info in Center Camp to volunteer. Ours is a society of activists. When we see a job that needs to be done, we are inclined to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. Keep this in mind: there is no “they” in BRC. There is only “us.” Burning Man is a 100% participant funded and staffed event. Sadly, there are always a few people who just don’t “get it.” These folks believe that the mystical “they” will appear to provide for their needs and clean up their mess. Help educate them. If you see someone acting irresponsibly, introduce yourself and speak up. Also, don’t be a “participation snob.” Just because someone isn’t costumed or visibly participating doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing in a less obvious way.

Be Crowd-Conscious

For everybody’s safety and sanity please do not bring bikes, chairs and large coolers to the larger burns. And be sure to take your bike home with you after the burn!

Don't Steal Signs

Emergency Services rely upon our street signs to navigate our city when responding to emergencies and participants count on them to help find their way around. All signs need to remain in place through the Temple burn on Sunday night.


You are welcome to bring a recreational vehicle. Be aware there is no dumping station and you are not allowed to dump on the playa. The BLM issues citations for the dumping or leaking of grey or black water on the playa. Be prepared to address leaks immediately with a bucket and a shovel. There is no location for scheduling RV servicing appointments. If you see a truck designated ‘RV servicing’, you can flag them down to make servicing arrangements. RV servicing will be available for a $50 fee for trailers up to 24' long, and $60 for one grey and one black tank for RVs that are 25'-35' long. Each additional or over-sized tank is $30. Our pumping vendor only accepts cash so plan ahead. You must have a contact person to meet the pump-truck at your RV. Keep a space clear for the truck to access your RV, pump hoses cannot reach beyond 30’. Note: pumping services only include removal of grey and black water - servicing does not include a water fill. Use only one-ply toilet paper. Finally, be considerate of your neighbors when running your generator. For more information, visit the preparation section of the Burning Man website and read the RV survival tips.

Personal Use Video Cameras

Personal use video cameras will not receive a camera tag, but should still complete a Personal Use Agreement prior to use. Only professional media cameras carry tags. Visit Media Mecca to ask questions or learn more.

Freedom & The Media

The media are a part of our experience on playa. Freedom of the press dictates that we cannot exclude them, nor would we want to—they are our opportunity to affect the world by illustrating what we do together as a community. Given today’s technology, everyone contributes to reporting and documenting; this is yet another form of selfexpression. Burning Man does limit the number of professional/media video present at the event. Those approved to film will receive a specific camera tag, have been informed of our community expectations for filming, and are pledged not to interfere with your experience. However, you have ultimate responsibility for your image and should ask photographers or videographers how your image will be used. Should you feel that someone toting a camera is creating a nuisance, contact a Black Rock Ranger or Media Mecca.

Protection Of Art

If you witness anyone vandalizing artwork, please ask them to stop. Inform a Black Rock Ranger if necessary. Don’t burn anything that isn’t yours. Don’t burn or other people’s artwork. If they want their art burned, they’ll do it themselves and you can watch.

Protect Yourself & Your Belongings

While Black Rock City is built on principles of community and cooperation, that doesn’t mean citizens are protected from the actions of those with bad intentions. Maintain awareness of your personal safety at the event. Secure your valuables when away from camp, especially on Burn night. Consider locking valuables in your car (Tip: Make two spare door keys — hide one and carry one.) Introduce yourself to neighbors and your local Black Rock Rangers. Work together to keep your neighborhood secure. Let someone know where you’re going if you wander off alone or with a new friend, and be sure to check in frequently. Make new friends, but be alert to the actions of those you meet. Be cautious about accepting drinks in open containers from strangers. Most importantly, use and trust your best instincts.

Waste Reduction & Recycle Resolutions

Burning Man believes strongly in protecting the environment, and moving towards a sustainable event – and we need YOU to help make that happen. The Environment section of the Burning Man website is a treasure trove of helpful tips for creating a sensible, sustainable plan for your time on playa with tips on how to practice the 6 ‘R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect & Restore! Visit the Environment section of our website to learn more.

Respecting Personal Boundaries

Black Rock City can be an erotically charged environment. Help prevent sexual harassment and assault while ensuring that sex-positive free expression thrives. No means no. Speak up for yourself and your personal boundaries. It is imperative to know and express your own sexual boundaries and to ask about and respect your partners’ boundaries. As the Bureau of Erotic Discourse (B.E.D.) reminds us: Silence is not consent. Communication is the best lubricant! To find out more visit the B.E.D. website.