BRC Safety Resources

Rules & Regulations

Black Rock City Safety Resources

Black Rock RangersMembers of our own volunteer organization, the Black Rock Rangers, wear khaki-colored attire with the familiar Burning Man logo on their chests, backs, and on their vehicles. They are not part of a law enforcement agency and do not directly engage with violations of the law. They engage with issues of Burning Man community norms and rules and are empowered by the community and the Burning Man organizers to address safety concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts when conflicts cannot be resolved by the persons involved. They are members of our community. You should feel free to request their assistance at any time.

Black Rock City Emergency ServicesMembers of Burning Man’s Black Rock City Emergency Services Department wear yellow uniforms that are labeled “Emergency Services” and feature the Burning Man logo on their uniforms and vehicles. They provide Black Rock City with fire fighting, emergency medical, and mental health services. They are not part of any law enforcement or other outside agencies.