Personal Survival Checklist

Your Survival in BRC

Personal Survival Checklist

You Must Bring:

  • Your ticket, or your photo ID and confirmation number if you are picking up your ticket at Will Call
  • 1.5 gallons of water per person per day for drinking, washing, and cooking
  • A reusable water bottle to keep with you at all times
  • Adequate food & beverages for those in your group
  • An extensive first-aid kit
  • Warm clothing for evenings—this is a desert at 4,000 feet elevation and it can get cold at night
  • A good camp tent or other shelter and warm sleeping bags and bedding. The winds can exceed 75 mph , and the midday temperature can exceed 100°F. Evening temperatures can be in the 40s
  • Particle/dust mask (dust storms are common)
  • Goggles to protect eyes during dust storms
  • Garbage and recycling bags, and tools to clean up your camp site ( rakes, magnets, gloves, etc.)
  • Rope or tie-down straps—one way or another, you’ll need them.
  • Duct tape—you’ll find a need for it, guaranteed.
  • Any required prescriptions, contact lens supplies (disposables work great), or anything else you need to maintain your health and comfort in a remote area with no services
  • Flashlights and spare batteries (headlamps are useful) so as to see and be seen at night
  • Sunscreen/sunblock & sunglasses
  • Portable ashtrays (e.g. mint tin that closes securely)
  • Fire extinguishers to protect your camp and property, and if you plan to burn your art
  • Common sense, an open mind, a sense of humor and a positive attitude

Strongly Suggested You Bring:pocketknife

  • Shade structures, umbrellas, parasols, sheets; something to break the midday sun
  • A wide brim hat (a chinstrap is useful in the wind)
  • A cooking stove if you expect to heat food or liquid
  • A bicycle (mountain bike or cruisers with balloon tires are best)
  • Lights for your bike and your person for safe nighttime travel
  • A bike lock. Also, tag your bike with name, playa address, email address, and contact info
  • Bicycle tire repair kit, pump, spare parts and extra tubes
  • Portable shower with a drain system to collect & manage grey water
  • Earplugs (Not everyone will want to sleep when you do!)
  • Watertight protective bags (e.g. heavy zip-type) for cameras or electronic gear. These are also useful for organizing your stuff and keeping stuff dust-free until you are ready to use it.
  • Lotion & lip balm to treat dry, cracked skin
  • Costumes, musical instruments, props, banners, signs, and anything that might make the experience more fun for you and your playa neighbors
  • A battery powered AM/ FM radio so you can stay informed and listen to BMIR radio
  • Camp marker (flag, flasher, distinctive marking)
  • 12” tent stakes (rebar is cheap and effective in high wind)
  • Plastic bottles or tennis balls to top and protect dangerous rebar stakes
  • Extra set of car keys (keys are easily lost and there is no locksmith in BRC!)